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CHANAKYA NITI CHANAKYA NITI Chanakya Niti Chapter 1 “It is imprudent to advise a fool, care for a woman with bad character and to be in the company of a lethargic and unhappy person” ― Acharya Chanakya A man shouldn’t live in a place where people are not afraid of the law, are shameless, and there is no clever man, where people lack in kindness, and where exists no creativity or art” ― Acharya Chanakya



Success Poems, Poems For Success

As I speak

As I speak

The sky is purple-pink

The birds outside fly and chirp

Their chirp tells a story

A story of their wings

Success I tell you

Never has an easy path

The things you lose

And the rewards you earn

The story you will tell

Will always have a burn.

Real success is

Real success is when you strive for what you want,

When you have that guts to flaunt

Not thinking about the world and wise,

When you can alone suffice,

With your right will and determination,

Where finally you reach your destination

Real success is hard to find

But it's one of a kind!

Smell Success

Success will come easy,

To those who are determined,

To those who have a strong will,

If you have the required skill,

Nothing can stop you,

You will be successful in all your endeavors,

Success will come easy,

If you try hard,

Its all about making a new start!

Give Your Best

What is stopping you,

Think for a moment and decide,

It is important to surpass the tide,

To achieve what you want,

To be able to flaunt,

You need to keep the momentum going strong,

Then nothing ever can go wrong!

A Wish for Success

Don't lose your strength That will help you to achieve your goals,

Don't lose hope,

Even if it takes a toll,

You will be able to achieve success,

If you strive hard,

But, for that you need a right start!

Just Go For It

Success eludes people,

Who don't try in life,

Success is achieved,

With the right hard work and strive,

Success comes easy to those who want it,

Eventually you will reach your destination,

Which will make your journey a hit!

Victory is Yours

Never fail to try,

If you want to achieve success in life,

Never ever give up,

How much ever you have to strive,

Your strong spirit will help you achieve your goal,

It will make you strong,

to realize your right role,

So, never give up!


The more you run behind success,

The future it will run away from you.

So work hard and smart, you'll come out of any mess.

And success will show when you least expect it to.

A Blessing And A Curse

Success is both a blessing and a curse,

Success can be for the better or the worse.

It turns into a blessing when it is handled in the right way,

And transforms into a curse when it is misused someday.

Not everyone can handle success, you gotta be strong,

Cause if you're not, you'll end up using success to do the wrong.

Everyone wishes to have success

Everyone wishes to chase success

But it does not comes easy in life

There is lot of hard work on the way

And a whole lot of strive

But if you are determined to get there

There will be no looking back from there

Success will follow you through

Only in the days for you

Success will be yours be assured

If you keep chasing it through!

Success Poems, Poems For Success

Work hard and you will reach where you want

Work hard and life will follow you

Work your way out and through 

f success is what you want from life

Then you also have to strive

Your way would go and have a count

You will get what you wanted and through

All the way only success for you

Keep that confidence going strong

It does belong to you!

Think beyond your means in life

Think beyond all means and get there

You will get your own share

The road of success is tough for sure

But you must need to get assured

If it's written in your destiny

You will reach your way

You will announce the world aloud

And have your say

Success is a difficult to catch

For it's not an easy prey

Hope and you will be there someday!

You have that drive in you

You have that drive for passion 

ou know your way to achieve the same

You know the right way in moment

A moment when you will make your name

More brighter and more better in life

A will to make it more than strive

Have that confidence in you

To go along the way and through

To the road of success

A road made for you!

Success is all what we all chase

Success is all what we all chase

It has got all the humans in a race

To get it at any cost

Every adversity we shall face

Never become lost

Till success in more a gaze

But the reality in your case.

Nothing can come between us

No mountain, no forests,

No sea, No river,

No land or anything,

Can come between us,

This world can’t keep us apart,

Unless it is I who wants to be apart,

From my success.

It makes your dream

Success has its share of ups and downs in life,

But you will have to do a lot of struggle and strive,

It makes you what you dream to be,

It gives you many things you are pleased to see.

Do not listen to anyone

Do not ever shy away from shooting your shot

Do not listen to any "what if's" if you do not want a "wish it was"

Doing something impactful always takes a bit of courage

But courage is what sets us apart from all those who weep.

Success is not for the weak ones

Success is not for the weak ones,

Who aren’t willing to do anything,

To achieve what they want,

But they just want to sit,

And eat and sleep,

And with the next morning to have everything.

Do not see success as your stepping stone

Do not see success as your stepping stone to happiness

That once you would be successful it would make you happy

No materialistic thing can make you happy or at peace with your life

Happiness comes from the love and peace you have in your mind.

No valuables get easily

To become successful one must always do

All those things that most men are afraid to do

Because no precious things come easy and if it comes easy then perhaps it was never that precious.

Success Poems, Poems For Success

Success gives peace and satisfaction

Success is only what gives a man peace and satisfaction

If your goals are ruining your mental health

Then perhaps you should give them up

Seek for love and beauty and light

Do not look for materialistic phony delights.

Never hesitate to fight for your rights

One should never hesitate in fighting for their rights

Whatever it takes to make your wishes oh so bright

Be the way you are and just take the leap

No good things come to those who just sit there and weep.

Success is a victory

Success is a victory

Success is a celebration

Success is a chance

To prove that failure

Gives us the courage

To be successful once again Success is a victory

Success is a celebration

Success is a chance

To prove that failure

Gives us the courage

To be successful once again.

Success is never a number

Success is never a number or a position

It is only what your heart truly seeks

For some, it is such fame where everyone knows their name

And for some living peacefully in the mountains speaks.

Failure is never a crime

Failure is never a crime

Failure is never a judgement

It is us who thinks

That there is nothing after it

But the wise ones only know

Success comes after being bruised.

The key to success

The key to success is still unknown, but achievable

The key to success is still unknown, but attainable

All you have to do is, STOP pleasing others

Work for yourself, work on your dreams

Reach the destination, that you have carved.

It's the final achievement for you

It's the final achievement which matters

And not the road that you take

It's the name that lives all through your life

The name you finally make

You have the will to strive for it

You will do you bit

The confidence and that grace

To win life's every race

Yes you have it in you

A potential that is so true

For that success in life!

The ray of hope to see in life

The ray of hope that you can feel

It is the ray, which will take you far

Tap on the same and go with your heart

That will be your bright start

To achieve things that you want to

To get that freedom from the blue

Success is right there waiting for you

So, embrace it with the feeling all new

Success is written in your destiny

You have to make a choice in few!

Your dreams are yours forever

Your dreams are your source for getting what you desire

Unlock the power of your dreams to reach higher 

ou have that face so get that grace

Just seek all the things you need

To move ahead in your way and reach your goal

In the way, you will know your role

The taste of success will become sweeter for you

You will find pure happiness and through

In the way of finding success all new!

It is the way you look for things

The courage to achieve will take you far

A will to reach your goals for sure

It's a journey which will teach you a lot

The most of all the positive thoughts

Success will motivate you to do better in life

So, what if you are finding ways to survive

Keep you hope and you will reach there

The road of success is sweet and bare

You will enjoy it through

Feeling all glee and new!

The time that you want to be

Celebrate the time and do not worry about tomorrow

There is happiness in your stride so forget the sorrow

Value the time you have and its now

You will love the way and how

For success comes to those who do things in a positive way

Prove your point and have your say

There is no way for negative thoughts in mind

Be a little wise and be a little more kind

And success will be yours for sure

The feeling so awesome and pure!

Success Poems, Poems For Success

Know how to value things

Know the value of time and you shall win

Know what you really want from within

For your wishes will take you closer to success

Success that you desire and is yours

For being successful, you shall smile

For your every way and every while

See what reflects comes your way

See what truly comes today

Coz success is on the way

And you shall see it soon!

Have you given up in your life

Have you given up on success in life.

Don't feel dejected as there is still time

Know that you are talented and wise

So situation will turn a tad more nice

Give your heart and see what comes

You will also have your turn

Success has a sweet taste for sure

But, you will reach with intentions all pure

Success will find you and make you smile

Be prepared for it every while!

It all starts with your mind

It all starts with your mind

The way you act on the situation

The way you are able to take in your stride

If you know that you are almost there

Then there is a need to take care

Success will come easy with your confidence

It will show you the true power

So set your goals and achieve them through

The taste of success will be sweet and new

Only for you!

If you ever quit before trying

If you quit before trying how will you reach your path

There may be roadblocks on your way

There may be difficulties at start

But once you are determined in life

You will happily strive

For every roadblock will take you

A one stop closer to your success in life

So everything you do is worth the strive

Success will reach you for sure

If your means are so very pure!

Success is amazing

Success is not for the people having weak wishes.

Success is for people having firm decisions.

Success is amazing, once it is achieved.

Success is achievable, once it is chased.

Success comes after failure.

Who says success is inevitable?

Who say's success doesn't need to be a failure?

Success comes after failure.

Just like the flowers bloom after a rain storm.

Success is being rich by heart

Success is not only the money,

Success is not only the fame

Success is the happiness,

Success is the calmness of the heart

Success is not only being boss,

Success is not only being rich

Success is being forgiving,

Success is being rich by heart.

Success gives you strength

Success gives you strength,

Success gives you the courage to live

Failure doesn’t makes you unsuccessful

Failure gives you a new path from where

Success is achievable, success is attainable

Walk on the path of failures, to achieve success.

They still sprout

In the garden

An old tree stands

A tree, that has a plan

It's branches with fallen leaves

And the crooked bark that still stands

It's fruits now barely grow

But the wind, it still blows

And the plants, they still sprout

And the plants, they still sprout.

The coast is a success

The coast is a success.

success is the coast.

Are you upset by how endomorphic it is?

Does it tear you apart to see the coast so obese?

Seawater is passion.

passion is seawater.

Down, down, down into the darkness of the seawater,

Gently it goes and raises itself.

Just reach your destiny

You are an art piece,

The only best one that,

Exists in this world,

No one and nothing like you,

Every existed or will exist,

So don’t let anyone,

Ruin its purpose,

Just pack your goals,

And reach your destiny.

Success Poems, Poems For Success

Success is not all about fame and wealth

Success is not all about fame and wealth

Happiness is a thing much precious than all of that

So keep the people who feel like sunshine real close

For happiness can not be measured in cost.

The journey of success

The journey you are on might seem long

But there are no shortcuts to places worth going

There might be some bumps on the road

But you soon will reach there, just keep going.

The key to success

The key to success is still unknown,

But yes there is one way through,

Which you can’t fail,

That is to stop pleasing others,

Just start this thing from now,

And you’ll reach your point soon.

To be successful

Just travel and never stop,

Until you find yourself,

That is when you’re going,

To be successful,

Keep your face towards the sun,

And all the shadows,

Will fall behind you.

To win yourself

Believe in what you have,

And who you actually are,

Move on and you’ll see,

This was the best decision of your entire life,

It seems hard but be strong,

And win your battle,

To win yourself and the world.

Enjoy your achievements

Your success is totally based on,

What you’ve tried and done today,

Don’t ever leave your work to the next day,

Just do it now or its never and then,

Enjoy your achievements,

And take a thrill of your creative efforts.

Success is a journey not a destination

They say believing in yourself is the secret to success

But how to do that, no one has seemed to address

There are no secrets, no ways, I have come to the conclusion

For success is a journey not a destination.

You have the talent in you

You have the talent then prove your point

Show what you are capable of in life

Why don't you just spread your wings and fly

Why do you get scared of one try

Use your potential and find your role 

ou will reach your goal

You will love what you like to do

You are among the blessed few

So prove and reach success every way

Go and have your say!

Go ahead and fight for it

Go ahead and fight for your right

All the things you wanted to have

All your wishes so very bright

Be as you are and you will win

Be as you are and you will reach

Do not break the trust or breach

Life will give you a break each time

You will get what is destined

Just try hard and success will be yours

So do what you want to!

Reach as high as you want to reach in life

Reach as high as you can reach

Grow taller in life as you can

Dream as wisdom shall take you high

And you will reach that sky

Success is a way where you would know

A thing to just flaunt and show

Success is something that takes the stride

Of your will and every while

In the end you will just smile

As success is sweet every while!

You need a wisdom to find

You need a little wisdom to find your path

You need a little will to get where you want to

You need some focus to find your role

Where is your end and there is a goal

You need a little courage to define yourself

So that you get that success in life

A success that makes you proud

This just stands out of the crowd

That is true success in life!

Success Poems, Poems For Success

Often you will see yourself

Often you will see yourself fall

Often the path may be tough to you

Often you will cry while reaching your way

Often you will lose your only say

But, once you reach your destination in life

Forget about all your strive

Coz success is as sweet as you can see

Where you will find your happiness and glee

So sweet is the success for you

Found by only the few!

Dreams are for you to chase

Dreams are free you must watch them

If you wish for success in life

Then dream big you will get there

It is not about the way you dream

It is about the courage to fulfill the same

Go out there and make your name

Have the will to get what you want

So that you can flaunt

Your success in your life!

I have never confessed it

I have never ever confessed it to you

That you are my life my sis and through

I could not have imagined a day without you

You have helped me to excel through

You understand my problems

You also act on it

You give me the advice when I need it

You are there like the pillar of my strength in life

You are there when I need to strive

Cant thank you enough for always being there

And showing that you silently care

I love you my sister,

Stay blessed in life!

Its share of ups and downs

Success has its share of ups and downs in life,

But amidst all the struggle and strive,

It makes you what you want to be

It gives you many things to see

Real success comes with being content,

You know the worth of each penny spent,

All the best for your endeavors!

If you have that in you

If you believe in yourself,

You can achieve the highest peak of success in life,

Self belief plays the basis of success,

It makes you, who you are,

It takes you to the star

Strive hard and you will get what you desire,

Just reach higher and higher!

It is not forever in life

Success is not permanent in life,

But, the path of achieving success is important,

You learn something from it

It changes you to bit,

Success may come or may go,

But, it will always show

You the true colors of life

All the best for your future!

You know it all

You know you can be successful,

If you have the guts in life,

You know you can reach so far,

If your look is towards the star

You will reach your goal

If you know what is your role

So, all the best for the path

Destination is near, look at it!

There are many things

There are many things you would experience in

The struggle of success,

Depression, worry and fear,

But, once your destination is near

You forget everything on your mind

That is true success which is one of a kind

Great yet addictive

All the best for your future!

It comes so easy

Success comes easy to those who will,

The task seems far

Too far the uphill,

But, if the spirit is there,

Anything can be achieved

Whether it is easy or rear

Keep the hope alive

And, you will find your way

With some strive!

Keep pushing yourself because no one else is going to to do it for you, In order to be successful in this world You need to put hard work into it too.


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