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CHANAKYA NITI CHANAKYA NITI Chanakya Niti Chapter 1 “It is imprudent to advise a fool, care for a woman with bad character and to be in the company of a lethargic and unhappy person” ― Acharya Chanakya A man shouldn’t live in a place where people are not afraid of the law, are shameless, and there is no clever man, where people lack in kindness, and where exists no creativity or art” ― Acharya Chanakya

Graduation Poems


Graduation Poems, Poems for Graduation
Poems for Graduation

It is not the end of the road

It's not an end of a road as you are graduate

But, every end marks the beginning of something new

Look ahead and see for things

That will take you to the path of success

As you have achieved it big this time It will be a happy time

You have that will to excel in life

Your determination is also strong

Know where you truly belong

Where is the real calling in your life?

Congrats that you are a graduate now

And we are all proud of you!



So happy that you are happy

So happy that you are happy today

So happy as you are a graduate now

So happy to see you smile today

You are big now and you can decide

Whatever is in your mind

You have many choices your way

To find what will suit you fine

Go in search for things

That will make your future bright

Today the time is just right

So have a happy time my dear

It's the time to look ahead and cheer

Many congrats on being a graduate!



We are so proud of you

We are so proud that you are a graduate

We saw you work hard for this day

Proud that you have passed through

Flying colors all the way

Proud that you chose things you like

Now is the super time to excel in life

Take a break and plan for your self

As a new way is waiting for you

Explore it your way and through

You are a graduate now

So feel blessed all the way and through

Congrats on your achievement!



It is indeed a happy time

It's an happy time for you

As it's the blank canvas

As you are a graduate now

You have many choices to fill

In to become what you dreamt of

You have choices which will give

You a boost in life, so happy

To see you smile this way

May you have an amazing day

Feel proud that you have completed

It's your super graduation day

So you are now a graduate

Feel proud and stay happy

As it's your super achievement day

Wishing you success all the way!



You are a graduate now

You are a graduate now

I simply can't believe this

You have achieved it big

With your wit and skill

Can't believe that you are going far

To make a name for yourself

I still remember you small and sweet

It's a big day for you oh dear

You have achieved it big with cheer

There should be a celebration on this part

For there is going to be a powerful start After this,

Congrats on your graduation!



It is actually a new day

Graduation is actually a new beginning

Where you look ahead to see

All the possibilities waiting for you

Congrats as you are a graduate today

Congrats as it's a really happy day

It's time to say adieu to friends

Who were always there beside

Take away many new memories

You will lead a new life from here

You will have a happy time with cheer

Today is your big day to celebrate

Have a good time as you are a graduate

All the best for your future!



Today is your day

Today is your day of celebration

It's a day when you will smile

All your hard work has paid off really well

Happy for you all the while

Your determination was so strong

I knew that success would belong

Feel proud on this day and achievement

Feel proud that you are a graduate now

There are many new ways waiting for you

Many new opportunities are for you

But today it's your day to celebrate

So celebrate all in few

Wishing you many congrats

As you are a graduate now!

Graduation Poems, Poems for Graduation

Where there are dreams

Where there are dreams all the way

You find your calling in the day

If you have a hope to excel

You truly prove your worth

You did that with a smile

You went through that extra mile

Super congrats that you are a graduate now

Super congrats on this big achievement

May you find new roads to success

This will take you ahead in your life

You have truly made everyone proud

You stand out of the crowd!



It is a big degree

Graduation is a big degree

So along comes many responsibilities on the way

But if you are determined to have your say

You go to any length come what may

So wishing you congrats on your super day

Yes it's your graduation day!

Have a fun filled day!



You are now so wise

Being a graduate also brings a sense of pride

You know that you have to be wise now

You know your future will be bright

Still there is some nervousness inside

You are finally a graduate and you made every one so proud

You have truly proved yourself

And you stand out of the crowd

Congrats on being a graduate!

Stay blessed in life!



It is the time to be happy

It's the time when you are happy

It's the time to spread the joy

Graduation is a special time

When you know that you are wise

You have proved it again with your grade

That you are truly the best

Its so good to see you

Pass this amazing test

So, you are finally a graduate now!

Many congrats to you!



Its a joy filled day

It's a joy filled day for you today

It's like a tradition of sort

When you have played your role so right

And looks like your future will be bright

So let me wish you all the success for things to come

Wishing you congrats on your graduation day!

It is indeed a super happy day today!

And we are proud of you!



Learning was never so easy

Learning is a never ending process in life

This was just your first step you took

Life is filled with many chapters

And you have to fill your book

So today on your graduation day

You just filled a chapter

Stay blessed on your this special day!

You are finally a graduate today!



Its a day when you would

It's a day when you can take pride

Its all happy in your stride

Your hard work and your discipline has a role to play

And I just want to say

That you deserve the best in life

Congrats on your graduation day

May you have an awesome day

And a bright future ahead!



Being smart is also good

Being smart that you are I know

You had a different spark to show

You were so good with your studies

That everyone had to know

That you will get good grades for sure

All your work will pay for sure

Congrats on being a graduate

All the best for your bright future!

Graduation Poems, Poems for Graduation

When you know about your spirit

When you know your spirit is right

When you know that your focus is on sight

You can do wonders in your life

With your hard work and your strive

Being a graduate you have proved your worth

So book your lovely berth

In the next test of your life

Wish you many congrats on your graduation day

Stay blessed all the time!



You were so bright

You were bright from the beginning and I was sure

Your dedication and discipline was so pure

Today by getting good grades you have proved your way

Now you can hold your head high and have your say

Congrats you are a graduate now

Stay happy because it's your graduation day

All the best for future and today!



The hard work has paid

The hard work has surely paid

The determination was strong

You have finally reached your way

Too where you belong

But graduation is the first step that will take you far

You just need to be as you are

And you would surely shine like a star

Congrats on your graduation

Stay blessed in life!



Your life now

Your goal in life is now achieved

With your will and determination,

So, would like to congratulate you

On this day of graduation,

Look forward and don't look back,

Because you never did lack,

You are and will remain the best

In life's every test!

Congrats on your graduation!



Your time in life

Your will paid off in life,

Your ambition in all

May you always reach new heights!

May you always stand tall,

Today on your graduation day,

Wish you congrats,

Reach new path,

With all your might!



This day comes

This day comes once in life,

Do cherish the moment,

Do enjoy this time I am so proud of you,

Proud to call you mine

Of all your great achievements,

Of all your things ahead,

Congrats on your graduation day!

Wish you well!



With so much

With so much dedication,

With so much patience,

With so much hard work,

With so much perseverance,

You have finally achieved your way

And, I just want to say,

That congrats to you!

On your graduation day!

Graduation Poems, Poems for Graduation

The many things in life

The many things you get in life,

With lots of struggle and strive,

The day you achieve things,

From all the beings,

You know that you are someone,

And you move ahead

To be the number one

Congrats on your graduation!



Things To Cherish

Years of education,

Years of hard work,

Years of learning,

Years of beautiful memories,

Years of unforgettable days,

enough to cherish for

all the years coming by.

Happy Graduation.



Best Of Luck For The Future

Whether it is day or night,

let the sun in your heart always shine bright!

Happy Graduation!

Best of luck for a bright future!



Life's about to change

Our lives may change,

but our friendship will not,

Today we may part ways

But you will be in my heart today and always,

Best of luck for your future.

Happy Graduation.



Throw All Your Books

Hey hey, it's Graduation day,

Time to throw all the books away,

Happy Graduation.

Wishing you a successful life.


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